Selling Search Engine Optimisation to Potential Clients

Selling Search Engine Optimisation to Potential Clients

Is it fair to say that a large percent of website / business owners have little or no knowledge of what search engine optimisation is all about and what it can do for them. We as SEO specialists know the benefits in terms of increased website traffic and sales, and it is for this reason we are out there to help website owners take advantage of this.
A new dawn has arisen, the dot com bubble has burst, competition on the internet has become very fierce and simply having a website “out there” is not going to cut it! Websites and their businesses need to be found and offline marketing is no longer the only option available. Knowing this all to well and what SEO can do for one’s business, it is up to all SEO specialists to spread the word and make businesses see the light. Having said that, what is an SEO specialist to say to a potential client? What words of wisdom can he use to sell SEO to the business leaders? Bear in mind these same business leaders only remember too well the dot com bust and the false hopes and promises that IT would present their company to the world. The point that had been overlooked is that they needed SEO to help bring that exposure. Be careful in your approach when preaching SEO, plan and think carefully about what you might say.
Below are a few pointers on what to say and what not to when selling search engine optimisation services.
The Don’ts
1. Don’t guarantee top ranks – A big no-no. Many SEO consultants guarantee their clients top rankings in search engines only to later realise that the task is not that simple and might not be achievable for competitive keywords. This often leaves the client frustrated, disappointed and in demand of a refund for their investment.
2. Don’t offer an exact timeframe for results – Achieving top search engine ranks, and search engine optimisation in general, requires a lot of time and in depth work. There is no exact time or way of predicting when a client’s website might hit the free listing top ranks. One thing is for sure, SEO consultants need to emphasise that time, together with quality SEO work, is needed to achieve high rankings.
3. Don’t show any doubt and do your research beforehand – Just like an interview with a prospect employer, be prepared in your first meeting with a client. Do your research, study the company and its website and note its good and bad points. You will be expected to express your views on the client’s website and make a brief analysis. Don’t be afraid to be critical and offer some constructive criticism. Landing a contract is based primarily on building the client’s confident in you and your services.
4. Don’t agree to unethical SEO practices – Certain clients may be in a bit of a hurry to get listed and may ask you to use SEO practices which are considered unethical. Such practices include using link farms, IP cloaking, hidden text, etc. Spam techniques can not only hinder your client’s performance in the search engines but can also result in a possible ban. It is in yours and your client’s best interest to keep away from these futile and harmful practices. Strongly emphasise this point to your client.
5. Don’t overdo on your SEO knowledge – Stick to what you know best, there is no point selling spin on SEO. Be honest with your clients and try building an honest and trustful business relationship. If you are not too sure about certain practices, do not exaggerate or use them as you will be caught out sooner or later if the final results do not eventuate.
The Do’s
1. Emphasise that SEO will increase website traffic and sales – The first and foremost thing a client wants to hear is that you are going to “show them the money”, in other words, show that the website exposure is going to lead to a better ROI (Return On Investment). Explain the basic nature of search engine optimisation and the benefits it can bring companies i.e. increased traffic, visitors and contacts / sales.
2. SEO is a very effective and extremely targeted form of marketing – Unlike expensive TV, radio and press advertising, SEO marketing is relatively cheap and cost effective. There is less money and effort spent on broadcasting and trying to appeal to an audience that may or may not be interested. In search engine marketing, the users are already present and know what they want and where to get it.
3. It won’t happen overnight – Patience can be a problem when optimising a website. You may be asked numerous times by your client “is it there yet?”. You should point out that search engines take time to evaluate and show results. It is recommended that you declare a period of at least 3 to 6 months to see any real gains.
4. Offer a free short website analysis for your clients – Freebies always go a long way. Create a free assessment on your clients current website status, show him / her what the site is lacking and how you would go about enhancing the site’s optimisation in order to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines.
Selling SEO to a company is never too easy. The clients may see it as a luxury they can’t really afford or just another internet gimmick they can do without. It is up to you to make them see the light and the vast benefits that SEO can bring them, as a cost effective and extremely powerful marketing solution.

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How to find an ethical Search Engine Marketing Company

How to find an ethical Search Engine Marketing Company

It’s a dog-eat-dog marketplace out there. The web is teeming with millions of websites and yours is just another one of them. To rise above and ahead of this cut-throat competition, you need to work with an effective search engine marketing company that can put your website up among the top results in relevant keyword searches and help you reach out to your target audience.

Search engine marketing is vital for improving your site’s conversion rate, attracting relevant traffic and maximising your Return on Investment (ROI).

Search engine optimisation is not an overnight job. It is a highly specialised and time consuming task. It may take months to get the desired results.
Although search engines issue broad guidelines, no one can say with certainty exactly how search engines rank websites. A professional SEO company has a good understanding of search engine behavior and experience in successfully achieving top ranking websites to advise you about the competition, ingredients, mechanisms and strategies that can be employed to make your website visible, frequently visited and a revenue generator.

The top 3 search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN, receive over 1.2 billion searches daily! Unless you use the correct search engine optimisation techniques with your website, you will not rank high with the search engines. Here is where the services of a professional search engine marketing company to handle your SEO campaign may help to deliver the desired results.

Search engines are strict about ethics

Search engines are clear in their guidelines about what they like and what they don’t like. A good search engine optimisation company uses the specific sets of criteria laid down by search engines and their expertise gained over the years about what has worked in the past to increase the rankings of your site.

The SEO steps that abide by the search engine guidelines are called ethical and practices that are not approved by search engine guidelines are unethical.

Because search engines operate in an automated way, it is possible for webmasters to use methods not approved by search engines for better ranking. But these unethical attempts are fraught with risks.

Once your site is caught using unethical practices and banned by search engines, it will take a long time and a significant amount of effort to rank high in search engines again. Some SEO companies may use unethical practices to get high rankings of your website, but the results are only temporary. In fact they are devaluing your site.

Unethical search engine marketing companies do not consider the long term and want to show quick results to impress you. Hence, it is important to find an ethical SEO company that will ensure sustainable high search engine rankings.

Unethical SEO Practices

It’s disheartening that many companies claim to be in top rankings of search engine but the truth is many of them are hype.
If you’re serious about your business, don’t try to bluff the search engines. The unethical practices will be caught eventually, leaving your website far behind the competition.

Unethical practices used by search engine optimisation companies include:

Keywords stuffing: Unnecessary repetition of keywords in the content

Page swapping: A highly unethical practice where a webmaster copies a page from a high-ranking website, changes the title and description META tags, then submits this page to the search engines. Once a ranking is obtained, they replace the stolen page with one of their own web pages.

Copyright violation: Copying content of other websites without permission.

Irrelevant link exchange: Establishing reciprocal links with irrelevant websites for the sole purpose of increasing the number of links to your website.

How to select an ethical SEO company

Here are some tips for selecting an ethical SEO services company:

Learn the basics of SEO: Study some basics of website promotion and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques so that it will not be a new concept to you. These can be accessed easily on internet. Just spend little time to your research.

Does it sound too good? Be wary if an SEO company offers ultra quick results. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is unethical. Both time and efforts are involved in the SEO process. There are no short cuts.

Evaluate your needs: Evaluate which SEO program best fits your needs. You can evaluate this by checking sales conversions, log reports, and so on. You must discuss your objectives with the SEO services provider then analyze yourself, how good it would be for serving your purpose.
Guarantee: Make sure that the search engine marketing company gives you some level of guarantee for their services. But, be wary of companies that offer a #1 ranking guarantee. No one has that much control over Google, and it is a sure sign that they may use unethical practices.

Experience: Check the industry experience of the people behind the company and also get feedback from the references given.

Strategies: When you choose to optimise your website, you need to look at the methodology a search engine optimisation company would be using. Ask the SEO company about the strategies they are going to use to optimise your website…

Cost: You usually get what you pay for. An offer for 500 links for $29 is a possible sign of unethical practices.

You need to keep in mind these few points while you research SEO services for your website. Return on investment (ROI) can depend on several factors, such as the size of your market place, geographical target area, the sales value of your products/services and the number of people searching online for your products/services.

Searching for an authentic ethical SEO company is a time consuming task. But remember that it’s not simply enough to only achieve better search engine rankings. Your website needs to be designed in a way to ensure you convert your visitors into buyers to boost your sales and revenues and increase your brand recognition.

If you are wondering how to find an ethical SEO company, visit, a leading SEO and PPC services provider in Sydney, Australia. It has clearly outlined processes involved in search engine marketing in specific and easy-to-understand detail.

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In Demand Search Engine Optimisation Tools

In Demand Search Engine Optimisation Tools

Tired of all the time and effort you consume for search engine optimisation? SEO need not be a painful burden on the shoulders of web marketers and search engine optimizers. With all the internet marketing tools available online, SEO became a less tricky task.

What are the latest SEO tools today? What’s hot and what’s in? Here is a list of the latest and in-demand search engine optimisation tools on the internet:

  • Meta Tags Generator Tool
  • There are web marketers who believe that Meta Tags are insignificant. But the search engines think otherwise. The Meta Tags Generator Tool is a search engine optimisation tool that allows webmasters and web marketers create Meta Tags – including Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords – in a matter of seconds. With the Meta Tags Generator Tool, it will be a whole lot easier to include Meta Tags on the pages of your website.

  • Sitemap Builder Tool
  • To ensure a complete spidering and indexing of your website, use a Sitemap. Creating a sitemap is made easy with the Sitemap Builder Tool. In just a few seconds, you will be able to create an optimized sitemap. This site optimisation tool is vital in ensuring your website of a better chance to rank well on the search engines.

  • Link Building Tool
  • Find who the best link partners are with the Link Building Tool. The Link Building Tool is a web marketing tool that lets you determine whether a particular website is worth linking to or not. With the Link Building Tool, you won’t waste time on links that don’t give you enough benefits.

  • Title Tag Checker Tool
  • What title tags do your competitor websites use? Know what’s going on with your competitor websites’ tags. The Title Tag Checker is an online tool that lets you check the title tags of your competitor website pages.

These search engine optimisation tools are meant to ease the burden of the whole search engine optimisation process. With these tools, search engine optimisation will be a whole lot easier. And ranking well on the search engines will be closer to reality as well.

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Search Engine Optimisation – The Top Ten Ranking Guide

Search Engine Optimisation – The Top Ten Ranking Guide

Search engine optimisation is all about achieving a top ten ranking on the major search engines. This is a fiercely-contended task and to stand a chance of succeeding you need an internet marketing agency or SEO Consultants that can implement an online marketing strategy that will deliver not only traffic, but targeted traffic to get the results you require.

In highly-competitive industries such as recruitment, travel and insurance etc, you would not succeed without a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy.

Using only proven, ethical methods, an SEO consultant will bring targeted traffic to your web site and generate leads or sales for your business and with over 75% of the internet’s searches coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN, your business cannot afford to miss out on the vast numbers of potential customers looking for your product or service.

One of the key elements for a rock solid internet marketing plan is good quality content focused on your business and it’s industry. Literally the more quality and unique content there is on your site, the better off your site will be, in terms of rankings.

Another major factor for your marketing plan is the coding and search engine optimisation of your site. Whether you have an html, dynamic or a flash-based website, there are important steps that your SEO consultants should take to ensure your site is search engine ready.

Flash web design may look good but are notoriously poor for top ten search engine rankings, thankfully there are steps you can take to still get your site listed and ranked on the major search engines. The same applies to dynamic web sites that are written in programming languages such as PHP, ASP and .NET.

Once your site is search engine optimised, your internet marketing strategy will start to work and you can start to work on one of the other more important factors that search engines look for, which is the trust factor of your site. This can be achieved by partnering with other web sites that are regarded as trusted and have a good rank on the search engines already.

After performing all of these steps, your internet marketing agency or SEO consultants will have your site well under way to achieving a top ten search engine ranking.

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How To Find The Best Keywords

How To Find The Best Keywords

Targeted keywords are hard to ignore in search engine optimisation. Keywords play vital roles in optimizing a website, ranking on the search engines and reaching target market. Keywords have loads of benefits if you know how to find them.

With targeted keywords on your website, you will be able to reach your target market easily, appear on the search engine results pages for different search terms, generate online sales, and get higher search engine ranking. A targeted keyword is a powerful factor in the overall search engine optimisation success.

Keywords and Search Engine Optimisation

keywords are relevant in SEO. However, overdoing keywords on a website is against the rule of organic optimisation. It will trigger red flags from the search engines. This is what referred to as Keyword Stuffing – one of the Black Hat search engine optimisation techniques.

To fully generate positive results from keywords, search engine optimizers and web marketers must adhere to the basic rules of search engine optimisation. After all, you don’t have to engage in keyword stuffing or other black hat SEO techniques just to make keywords work for your website. The secret to get positive results from keywords is to optimise and target them.

It is also important to analyze your keywords to avoid getting into keyword stuffing unintentionally. There are times when web marketers do keyword stuffing without knowing it. But intentional or unintentional, web marketers doing keyword stuffing still get penalized.

Keyword Analysis Made Easy

Keyword Analysis is crucial to make sure you give your website the right quality and quantity of targeted keywords. Keyword analysis is made easy with the birth of several internet marketing and search engine optimisation tools. These online tools eased the burden of web marketers in analyzing the quality and quantity of keywords on their web pages.

The Keyword Analysis Tool is a must have for search engine optimizers and web marketers. With this kind of SEO tool, you can save your precious time and effort on other internet marketing techniques. After all, search engine optimisation is not all about keywords.

Today, there is no reason for you to quit analyzing keywords on your website. What is a few seconds to check your keywords quality and quantity compared to getting your website banned because of keyword stuffing and other SEO errors? Remember you can unleash the power of keywords if you know how to do it.

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