Obesity and How To Reverse It Naturally

Obesity And The Inherent Dangers

Obesity Lose Weight Now Fat BastardObesity is a serious medical condition. People with this disorder means that they have an excessive amount of fat in their body. This excess fat, if not controlled can cause a serious negative effect on your health. It increases the chances of developing various diseases especially cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and depression. In 2014, World Health Organization (WHO) released a statistical data regarding obesity.

According to the data released, there are 1.9 billion adults who are overweight. 600 million of them are obese. For children below 5 years of age, 41 million of them are overweight or obese. This figure is very alarming. It shows that a lot of people, both adults, and children, are not taking good care of their health. How did this happen? The answer is simple. Obesity is a result of bad diet behaviors. What are bad diet behaviors? These are eating fatty foods such as dairy products, junk foods like burgers and pizza, foods that are cooked in oil or fried, red meat i.e. fatty cuts of beef and pork and much more. Although it is understandable that these kind of foods are the ones that are considered delicious, it is not advisable to overindulge.

As much as possible limit your intake of them, especially meat as it takes a lot longer for them to be digested. If you like fried foods, cooked it with olive oil. They contain lesser fat as compared to other cooking oil products. To help gauge your weight whether you are considered healthy, overweight or obese, there is a tool that can guide you. It is called computing your body mass index (BMI). A healthy BMI ranges from 18.56 – 24.9. Below 18 is considered underweight. From 25 – 29.9, it is considered overweight. Above 30 is considered obese. However, this only serves as a rough guide as individuals have different degrees of fat in their body. To compute your BMI, divide your weight (kg) and your height (m) then divide the answer by your height (m) again. For example, your weight is 78 kg and your height is 1.2 m, the answer is 65. Divide 65 by your height 1.7 m, the result will give you your body mass index. The good news about this disease is that it is preventable. You can start taking the first step to lose weight immediately. In fact, there are several weight loss programs that are proven to be effective. But, how do you know that the program you choose is safe and successful? Successful weight loss programs promote a healthy and balanced diet behaviors that are safe for you. When looking for a weight loss program centers, please consider the following factors: The program should include lifestyle counseling. This counseling can help you correct your behavioral attitude towards unhealthy diet

They should be informative and truthful towards their clients. If the client is thinking of getting weight – loss medicines, they should explain both benefits and disadvantages.
They should keep monitoring their clients. Check how the program is working out for them.

Offers support throughout the program
Provides feedback
Provides slow but steady weight loss goals
Includes goal setting and a plan that keeps the weight off

The most successful programs often last for 14 behavioral treatment sessions or at least 6 months. Just ensure that these sessions are handled by well-trained professionals. Some programs offer low-calorie level diets. They believe that by reducing the number of calorie intakes a day, it will result in impressive weight loss. Although it does give fast results, this is not effective in the long run; because the body will have a hard time functioning properly with just a few calories. Low-calorie diet gives you a yo-yo effect as your body’s metabolic rate will be affected. This reduces the success of your long term weight loss goal. If you feel that your calorie level intake is already low and yet your weight loss success rate has plateaued, you need to find a healthier eating plan. For example, you can go for detox plans. They promote fruits and vegetables as part of your diet. Just make sure that you stay within your required calorie intake per day. An average male is required to have 2,500 calories a day, while women must have 2000 calories a day. Keep in mind that if you really want to lose weight and be healthy again, it is all about attitude and determination. Without these two important factors, you will not succeed. So if you are very determined, start living the healthy way now.

The Changes Obesity Causes To Ones Life

Obesity Lose Weight NowObesity is a medical condition in which the patient has excess body fat accumulations which lead to health problems as well as reduced life expectancy. Over 10 million children and 65 million adults suffer from this problem in the US alone. It is, today, considered to be one of the leading causes of life-threatening diseases. In addition to the many related health risks, there are many ways in which obesity can change a person’s life. High blood pressure:High blood pressure is the health problem that is almost directly linked to obesity. The blood pressure increases with age and weight gain. Recent studies have shown that obese patients have an increased blood volume as well as high arterial resistance. In the United States, high blood pressure is the main cause of death for people over the age of 25. Research has also show that losing at least 8 pounds can reduce the blood pressure to a safer level. Diabetes:Suffering from diabetes will definitely change your life. Obese patients have a high insulin resistance. This resistance can lead to the Type 2 diabetes. According to the World Health Organization, 90% of patients suffering from diabetes, worldwide, have the Type 2 diabetes. Being obese or overweight increases the risk of diabetes since the cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. To reduce the risk, you should consider working hard to reduce your weight by 15 to 20 pounds.

High cholesterol levels: The main cause of heart attacks is the high cholesterol level. Cholesterol is transported in the blood in 2 ways; low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). The LDL takes the cholesterol to the body cells that require it whereas the HDL is the good cholesterol. When the LDL is high, your risk of a heart disease will increase by 20%. Cutting down your weight by 11 to 20 pounds can reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Infertility: Obesity changes the hormonal levels in women. This can result in ovarian failure. Statistically speaking, the risk of infertility is higher among women who are more than 15 pounds overweight. Being obese further increases the risk of suffering from ovarian cancer. Men are not spared either. Overweight men have a higher risk of having low sperm count and developing motility.

Back pain: Excess weight can injure the vulnerable parts of your spine. This leads to joint and back pain. Obesity will increase the risk of suffering from structural damage and spinal injury. You will also be at a higher risk of developing lower back pain, osteoporosis, arthritis as well as osteoarthritis. Ulcers:The risk of gastric ulcers is increased by obesity. Gastric ulcers develop when an imbalance exists between the enzyme pepsin and the secreted hydrochloric acid. Obese men are at a higher risk than women when it comes to ulcers. There are many more changes that obesity causes to one’s life. Some other noteworthy changes include increased fatigue, unable to fit in the clothes you love, developing gallstones and so much more. The key to avoiding these problems is to calculate your BMI (body mass index) often and work hard to be in the safe zone; 30kg per meter squared.

Obesity and Associated Surgery Risks

Obesity Surgery Being obese subjects one to conditions that are more complicated after surgery. Surgical patients carrying a lot of weight are at a significantly higher risk of longer surgical recoveries, longer surgery times, nerve surgery and postoperative complications like heart attacks. According to Robert Holloway a surgeon at Florida Hospital, obesity complicates surgery in so many ways. For starters, getting through the layers of fat during an operation takes more time often doubling the length of surgery. Sometimes a two-hour procedure could become three. Following longer time spent in the operation room, obese patients have greater chances of losing more blood as they are open longer. Surgeons who have operated on obese patients revealed that once through the fat layers, it becomes harder to retract making it difficult to access the target and expose it. With poor visibility due to masses of fat, surgical errors are more likely to occur.

This prompts operations from greater distances at times requiring surgeons to use longer instruments and bigger retractors that add expenses and are harder to handle. Surgery risks are far from over even after the operation. Obese patients have a much greater risk of infections at the incision site and body parts. If the surgery was abdominal for example, there is a high risk of the incision reopening due to the excess abdominal weight bearing the incision.

Obesity Surgery Dr. Robert revealed that more than ten percent of morbidly obese patients have reported a breakdown at their incision. Morbidly obese patients have more health problems and surgery risks. They have harder time breathing after sedation as their airways tend to close when under sedation. They thus need to be inserted with breathing tubes more often a task that is more challenging. With their bigger necks, it is harder for anesthesiologists to see vocal cords with the incubation requiring video assistance another extra task. Intubation on morbidly obese patients can take 30-45 min while for a normal weight person it takes a few minutes. At times, the incubation of obese patients becomes impossible leading to calling off the surgery. To address the airway problem, bio engineering students have developed a suction tube that hosts the abdomen of obese patients up and out through surgery .The respiratory assistance device is in demand in hospitals as obese patients requiring surgery has tremendously increased.

Obesity is not only a health challenge but an epidemic that is fast spreading. With 355 of adult Americans being obese and morbid obesity having increased five folds since 1980, the medical and surgical complications soar. Operating such patients is very difficult bearing in mind the complications and underlying health problems such patients already have. Most of them suffer from hypertension, high blood sugar levels, diabetes, heart complications and respiratory infections. Being obese can impact one’s life negatively especially if they wish to undergo a surgery. Postoperative complications on obese patients are much higher. Research by on patients operated between 2001-2005, revealed that obese patients as compared to non-obese patients are at five times higher risks for heart attacks, four times prone to peripheral nerve injury, a higher rate of wound infection by 1.7 and 1.5 times higher rate of urinary tract infection. The death rate for morbidly obese patients after surgery was also reported to be twice as compared to non-obese patients.

Causes Of Obesity and Being Morbidly Obese

Medically, obesity is a condition in which the body has excess body fat accumulated over time to the point where it has a negative effect on health. Obesity increases the occurrence chances of certain diseases, particularly coronary heart diseases, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. A combination of various factors poses as causes of obesity. Factors such as genetic susceptibility, excessive intake of calories and lack of physical activities can lead to obesity. There are also a few cases where obesity is caused by certain medications, endocrine disorders and psychiatric illnesses. Lack of energy balance. Energy balance is paramount to maintaining a healthy body weight; obesity and overweight can result when the energy IN is more than energy OUT. Weight loss is experienced when the energy IN is less than energy OUT. Energy/ calories received from food intake is the energy IN while energy OUT is the amount of the body consumes during biological activities such as breathing and energy consumed doing physical activities. Energy imbalance does not have to happen once to cause obesity but is accumulated over time; obesity and overweight occur over a duration of time when calorie intake is more than calories use. Inactive lifestyle. An inactive lifestyle exhibited by people, especially the urban population means that less physical activities take place among this population. The likelihood of overweight and obesity is quite high as these people do not burn the calories taken in from food and drinks. Modern technologies and conveniences have greatly contributed towards this kind of lifestyle. Health problems and complications.Some health conditions may result in weight gain consequently causing obesity. Health condition like hypothyroidism (under-active thyroid) is a complication in which the thyroid gland produces less thyroid hormone than it should. Lack if this hormone in the body slows down metabolism resulting in weight gain. Another condition is Cushing’s syndrome in which adrenal glands produce an excess of the hormone cortisol that leads to upper body obesity and fat around the neck. Certain types of medications.

There are certain types of medicines that reduces the rate at which the body burns calories, causes increased appetite and increases the body’s ability to hold extra water. These factors lead to accumulation of fat in the body tissues. Age.Older people tend to lose muscles due to reduced physical activities. Muscle loss slows down the body’s rate of burning calories leading to weight gain. Family history and genes. Studies have shown that a person’s genetic structure may influence the amount of fat the body stores and the locations in which the fat is stored. Family members may influence each other’s lifestyle since they share the same habits; for example, eat the same kind of foods, spend too much time in front of the television, et cetera.In order to have a healthy living, it is advisable to maintain a healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight can be quite demanding especially if you do not have the time to exercise or get into a physical activity quite often. For this kind of people, it is advisable to use healthy products that will facilitate your workout. Isagenix products from jenscleanse.com.au can provide you with the right healthy eating plan to facilitate your weight loss. It is easy to lose weight following healthy meal replacement plan. Sometimes it is hard to work out due to age factor; jenscleanse.com.au is your absolute solution. Isagenix can be ordered on-line at any time all over Australia.

Obesity Statistics Globally

One of the world’s biggest crisis currently is obesity. The numbers are insane and keep growing at a fast and scary rate, but what makes it so frightening is the fact that obesity has doubled since 1980. If we follow obesity statistics closely, we can see millions of adults and children suffering from it. Overweight and obesity as a whole result in 3.4 millions deaths per year. There are many diseases that comes with the extra weight, for example, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes 2, strokes, hypertension and many types of cancer. Obesity statistics demonstrate that these type of problems occur mostly in developed countries, which happens to be a shocker considering the amount of awareness and campaigns fighting against this current global problem. Leading us to the question, what is causing this spur of overweight at such a high pace? What makes people obese or overweight? Simply put, it’s the intake of calories. There is an imbalance of calories consumed and spent nowadays. But there is more to it than meets the eye:

1- Sedentary society. Currently, people’s jobs are more and more centered around a desk eight to ten hours a day. How can a person spend their calories if they’re stuck most of the day commuting and stuck in the desk?

2- Stress. This factor is a double-edged sword since stress can help a person lose weight due to the insane pressure. However, others instead of losing, end up gaining weight. Or, resort to binge eating to compensate the stress of the day.

3- High fat food. Now there are a ton of types of food that are dense in fat, which are extremely hard to burn. Especially, if said person is leading a sedentary life.4- Urbanization. It’s hard to live a peaceful life when everything around you is always in a hurry. Public transports, high workloads, daily commute, pollution and lack of green spaces lead to a sedentary life.

5- Quality food prices. Junk food prices are simply more accessible for the average person than trying to have a healthy nutrition. Fresh and quality food is a lot more expensive than resorting to junk food, which is why obesity is much a massive problem in the United States. To top it off, obesity statistics show over $150 billions per year are spent treating it. Unsurprisingly, an obese person spends more $1,500 than an average weight person in medical costs per year. Luckily, there are solutions that can help people fight and prevent obesity. There is a product called Isagenix from jenscleanse.com.au that can help everyone feel better and reduce those shocking obesity statistics. Isagenix has many products that can assist any overweight and obese person to go back to a healthy life. For example, they have products to simply lose weight, which is the main problem. Or, to help cleanse a person’s body from the toxins and pollution. In addition, they can help fighting fatigue and aging. If you’re tired of feeling tired and out of breath or feel like you’re slipping up because you’re aging and your body isn’t keeping up, Isagenix has everything for those times of need. It’s possible to easily conclude with this obesity statistics that an obese person life is unhealthy, stressing and more costly. However, Isagenix from jenscleanse.com.au can help anyone prevent and fight against it, in order to be a more healthier and happier person.

Obesity Statistics in Australia

Weight Loss PillsMajority of Australians are not healthier according to a recent research released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The research indicates that in recent times, many people have opted for unhealthy lifestyle without having to take good care of their bodies and poor eating habits as a result of taking too many junk and sugary foods. Many people do not exercise or engage in active sports which doctors term as the best approach to living a better life. Obesity rates in Australia have been highly reported in the recent times as majority of adults with their children try to look for the most possible ways of losing weight to live a better life. According to AIHW, 3 in 5 Australians are obese and this has greatly led to high numbers of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal conditions and type 2-diabetes.

The measurements which are accurate through the use of Body Mass Index (BMI) indicates a lot of concerns when it comes to people observing their weight and what to eat in order to live a better healthier life. Obesity rates in Australia are highly increasing because people are no longer doing a lot of walking or using their muscles to make a living though strenuous jobs. Many people have turned into the lucrative paying corporate jobs where there are no strenuous activities but the use of brains and smart thinking. Through this many, people sit for longer hours during the day and when they get off their office seats they quickly rush home or to the bars or entertainment sports to take in alcohol or any other sugary drinks and this has greatly contributed to the alarming cases. Using Isagenix products is the best approach to living better life while at Australia. It is through jenscleanse.com.au Australia that many can get the high quality Isagenix which has several products that are well designed to help you get the perfect body.

The research indicates that more adults in Australia are now obese as compared to a 1995 study. This amounts to 5% increase of obesity in adults within a period of 19 years. According to AIHW, one in every four children in the country is obese and there are higher chances that children of obese parents tend to be obese since they eat same meals eaten by parents. Using Isagenix is the best approach to living a longer healthier life. The products are 100% safe to use and approved by doctors.

The research pointed out that obesity rates in Australia are continued to increase and that people should start watching on their weight and the type of diet they eat as a better solution to living a healthier life. Using Isagenix is also highly recommended as a better approach. It is better solutions that will ensure that majority of people are in a better position to live healthier and to raise children who are healthier to minimize chances of lifestyle diseases and to also help them focus on their education. It is better for every Australian to start observing a perfect exercise program and routine that is perfectly geared towards developing their health.

The Negative Effects Which Lead To Obesity

People with extra pounds of weight are at risk of getting more than 50 health issues. Top on the list of these conditions include diabetes, various cancers, heart diseases, stroke, gallstones and gout. To make matters worse, weight gain is also a major cause of depression which has numerous negative impacts on your life. According to a research conducted on more than 120,000 women and 50,000 men at Harvard medical school, weight gain has sobering effects on one’s health. The volunteers were asked to provide their health habits, diet details and medical histories. Having tracked the volunteers in more than a decade, they noticed the occurrence of diseases and compared it with their body weights. It was found that obesity increased the probability of getting diabetes and also boosted the chances of developing high blood pressure, heart diseases, gallstones and stroke. Among the overweight people, there was a relationship between risk and weight. The higher the weight gained, the higher the risk of getting a disease.

Obesity SurgeryOn the issue of weight and depression, you may ask yourself, do people become depressed because they are overweight or are people overweight because of depression? A review of more than 15 different studies indicated that both scenarios are likely to be true. According to the review which was published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, it was found that obese people have a 55% risk of getting depressed. Most of the problems that obese people experience, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the blood tend to occur simultaneously. These means that health problems – like, stroke and heart diseases, may also occur concurrently. High blood pressure is six times more likely to occur in obese people than in lean people. According to Isagenix medical advisor, Becky Natrajan, a minimum of 20 pounds of weight gained can lead to blood pressure. She also states that being overweight increases the chances of getting a stroke by 32% while being obese boosted the risk by 81%. According to her, overweight people have 20% chance of getting stroke. For the obese people, the risk shoots to 64%.Obesity and overweight are closely linked to diabetes, in fact, medical experts are using the term “diabesity” to describe this scenario. More than 90% of the people suffering from diabetes are obese or overweight. High blood sugar level is the major causative factor of diabetes which is one of the features of metabolic syndromes. If diabetes is poorly controlled or untreated, it can lead to several other medical issues such as blindness, kidney failure and leg amputations. Currently, diabetes is the seventh cause of deaths in the United States. Medical practitioners believe that obesity is the second cause of cancer deaths after cigarettes.

A study conducted by the American Cancer Society, followed more than 900,000 people for 16 years. The study indicated a huge link between various cancers and excess weight. In people above 50years, obesity and excess weight accounts for 20% of cancer deaths in women and 14% of all cancer deaths in men. In men, excess weight increased the chances of dying from prostate and stomach cancer. In women, cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovary and breasts were boosted by excess weight. In both sexes, excess weight was associated with colon, liver, kidney, esophagus and gallbladder cancers.Whether you are obese or overweight, you can avoid the devastating negative effects. Thanks to Isagenix.com products, we have successful weight loss procedures. They will start you with a Cleansing drink, followed by IsaLean Shake which gives you the necessary nutrients. Isagenix functions under the assumption that cleansing of the body increases metabolism which results to weight loss and removal of impurities from the body. This further enables the body to run more efficiently. It’s medically proven that body cleansing allows the body to rest and therefore regenerating so as to come out better than before. Isagenix.com IsaLean Shake “starter pak” is advisable for people who are willing to lose weight over a long period. This program is a breakthrough to weight loss and is designed to remove harmful body impurities from the body. In addition, it provides the body with natural vitamins and botanicals that will enable you get rid of pounds of weight without use of stimulants, laxatives or diuretics. Immediately you start the program, you will experience, improved muscle tone, energy boost, balanced digestion, decrease in unhealthy food cravings and consistent weight loss over time. Prevention is better than cure and it’s better to start the program early before it’s too late.

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabtes lie This article is about 7 steps to health book review, 7 steps to health book, 7 steps to health e-book download. Diabetes is a very serious health condition that has become very common of late. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when not enough insulin is produced by the body. Insulin is the hormone that is produced in the pancreas which enables the cells to take up glucose and produce energy. In type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but the insulin does not work properly.

People get diagnosed with either type of diabetes on a daily basis. Max Sidorov presents us with 7 Steps to health and the big diabetes lie, a very good diabetes program. This is a holistic system that covers a diabetes treatment plan. It is designed in such a way that it can help you prevent diabetes and even treat it in a few days. It prescribes purely a natural product. No drugs, no surgery. The e-book aims at helping people who suffer from diabetes to make improvements on their health. One of the best reviews on on this product is www.reversingtype2diabetesdiet.com/

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Review

The guide that this e-book provides is easy to use. It strives to present you with up-to-date scientific discoveries and new diabetes treatment methods in a format that can easily be read and used. The program is comprehensive. It promotes health through guiding diabetes sufferers and the general population on how to manage the disease and how to prevent it through lifestyle modification. This includes taking part in regular physical exercise, diet modification, and control of weight. It addresses the types of foods that can make diabetes worse or control it. It is full of information which can be used in helping people to improve their general health and, in a matter of weeks, permanently reverse type 2 diabetes. 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie provides the reader with many natural ways that are healthy to be used in controlling diabetes without using medicine or drugs. The program teaches ways in which one can reduce the symptoms of diabetes and get rid of it permanently. This e-book allows you to manage your own health by providing you with a wide range of scientific literature in one place. The health guidelines provided can be read and understood easily. Many people in the world have already made use of the program to alleviate diabetes and become healthy once again. It presents a variety of methods that are faster, cheaper, and safer than surgery, medication, and injections in the treatment and management of diabetes. Using it will stem the problem of diabetes and return your blood sugar level to normal without the need to use any medication.

How the big diabetes lie works

The Big Diabtes lieThis is a good guide for any person suffering from diabetes, even if you have lived with the condition for a very long time after diagnosis. If you follow it strictly, it will go a long way in helping you to increase the energy level of your body and help it to resume its normal operation. There are many instructions about the basic treatment for diabetes. Boosting the immune system is the best way in which diabetes can be properly managed.

The valuable program aims at completely eliminating diabetes. Millions of people from around the world have benefited from the program as it has helped them to combat diabetes. What is more, the program can be used by all people at any age, regardless of disability or medical condition. The program emphasizes on lifestyle changes and dietary supplements that will increase the efficacy of this treatment.

Things to learn from 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie

  1. You will get to learn the best foods that can be used in eliminating diabetes and regulate the level of sugar in the blood in a natural way, as well as make the body more immune.
  2. The program will teach you how you can safely get rid of diabetes without having to undergo any surgery or injections.
  3. The program also has guidelines on how you can effectively lose excessive weight quickly, and finally return the level of sugar to normal.
  4. The program has a step-by-step guideline on how you can cure diabetes and what should be done to prevent diabetes.
  5. You will learn the food additives that are responsible for thyroid imbalance and how the functionality of your thyroid can be easily improved by using the right dietary supplements.
  6. The program will teach you how to boost your immune system by changing what you eat.


The guide provides information on the usefulness of antioxidants in the body, and the role of water and sleep in your health. The most striking bonus comes when you follow the guidelines and accordingly change your lifestyle. Apart from being able to stem the problem of diabetes, your body metabolism will be healthy and robust. This will minimize

your risk of such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease, coronary diseases, stroke, cancer, chronic inflammation, retinopathy, dementia, and nephropathy among others. All these changes will be beneficial in strengthening the vital organs of your body.

Advantages of The 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie

  1. 1. The guidelines are simple and anyone can follow them successfully from home.
  2. The book is easy to download and use.
  3. It not only provides information about the foods you should eat but also the best portions and sizes.
  4. It educates on regular exercise and eating healthily which keeps you physically fit.
  5. It is interactive.

Disadvantage of The 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie

  1. The reduced cost that is offered will not last for long.

The program does not guarantee anyone overnight results. Every participant is expected to be dedicated so that they can get the results they desire.


I am sure you will love the program because of the amazing health benefits you will derive from it. This is a great guide to reversing diabetes naturally and generally improving your health. The e-book has all you need to know when it comes to diabetes management. If you are one of those people who are struggling with diabetes, I strongly recommend this e-book for you. It is a complete guide that can help you reverse on the product. Therefore, if the program does not satisfy you, all you need to the problems that are associated with diabetes. There is a money-back guarantee do is return it and no questions will be asked.


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