Safety Gun Measures You Have to Know About

Having a firearm in your home or around you are a very big commitment. In some countries, having a firearm is alright as long as it has pertinent papers and documents including certificate to carry a firearm with it. This is something that not everyone exercises but it is also one of the things that people would like to have in their homes. Many people actually want to own a firearm and we should normalize this phenomenon because it is very normal to own a firearm and it is okay to want to have one in your home. There could be so many reasons for this but yours is your own personal choice and no one should prevent you from doing it so long as it gives you peace and clarity if you sleep at night. Although there are still some people that really despises the owning of firearms by people that does not have a uniform, they should also be respected including establishments like gun shops in OKC that sells firearms to people. Stores like these exist and you are well aware of that, for sure. Depending on what you believe in, we still encourage you to respect the decision of others when it comes to owning a firearm. 


Well, if you are one of those people that owns a firearm or wants to have one then the best thing that you could do to yourself and to the other people around you is to educate yourself on the proper way how to handle a firearm including the safety measures that should be practiced if you are holding a firearm. Lucky for you, there are so many people who could teach you this and there are now so many materials readily available for you in the market. You could even ask these materials from gun shops which will gladly teach you and give you what you need to make yourself and the other people safe.  

Now, to give you an idea, we are going to make a reading material for you to use when it comes to gun safety measures. We hope this will be helpful for you if you decide to own a gun: 


Even if you did not put any bullets in your gun, you should treat it as if it has some bullets in it. This ensures that you do not do something for fun with your gun and that you would not forget its main purpose which is for your safety and your security. 


If you are holding your gun to check on it or even just to show it to other people, never put your finger on the trigger because the trigger is a very sensitive part of the gun and one mistake could cost a life.  


If you are just pointing your gun at something for fun even if it’s just a wall, that is not a good practice. Never aim or point if you do not have to use it unless you are in a shooting range to practice.  

Always remember to use your gun in the proper and humane way.  

How to Choose a Handgun for Self-Defense?

You probably see many lists of the “ideal” guns for different aspects. However, it completely depends on you in what gun is ideal. Selecting a gun is an extremely personal thing. This is particularly true if you are counting on it to protect your life.  

Thus, rather than telling you what handgun you need to purchase for self-defense, we are going to share with you how to pick a handgun from gun stores in OKC and what aspects you have to think about when making the choice.  


Let’s assume that you want to conceal your defensive gun. However, even if you are not planning to do it, it is still useful to pick a concealable handgun in case you determine later on that you want to conceal it.  

The gun cannot be either directly print or visible for it to be concealable. The concealability of a gun greatly varies on where you carry the gun, your body type and size, and the clothes you wear.  

Indeed, how the gun suits your personal clothing is a thing to consider. This is particularly true if you are torn between several handguns. However, you should not choose a gun simply based on how well it suits the way you dress.  


Oftentimes, the most suggested calibers for handguns for self-defense are .45 ACP and .9mm. In addition to that, these guns are also typically utilized by law authorities.  

Compared to the .9mm, the .45 ACP fires a bigger projectile. However, it has higher recoil. For almost every individual, .9mm may be the ideal choice. It provides better velocity, less recoil, and better capacity.  

There is actually no reason to pick .45 ACP since the technology has gotten a lot better between the two calibers. However, if you really are comfortable with .45 ACP, then you should go for it.  

A .38 Special is the go-to caliber in general if you want a revolver. It has a simple recoil and was a well-known option for law enforcement.  

Size of the Gun 

Professionals suggest compact-sized handguns as a rule of thumb. However, you can simply do what works for you if a complete-size gun feels better. Professionals typically pick a compact handgun for carrying. Then, for home defense, they will use a complete-sized handgun.  

Also, it is advised that amateurs should perhaps stay away from subcompact handguns. The small size could appear less overwhelming to the beginners. However, the more recoil it has if it has a smaller size. Thus, smaller guns are actually a lot harder to manage.  

Meanwhile, bigger-framed guns have less recoil. Thus, you can easily realign your sights after your shot with less effort.  

However, a subcompact gun in .380 or in .9mm can be ideal if you’ve shot before and are a bit more experienced. The reason for this is that you can slip it easily into your pocket or hide it in a concealed holster without it being uncomfortable, overly conspicuous, or heavy. Thus, you should choose a gun that is comfortable.